This is how Earth looks from space; Astronaut captures the view while spacewalk (Video+)

Watch this stunning view Earth from space captured by NASA astronaut during spacewalk

The NASA spaceman Randolph Bresnik has shared an unbelievable footage from a recent spacewalk on the social media. Recorded utilizing a GoPro camera and a robotic arm, the video offers a spectacular view of Earth from the International Space Station.

Bresnik posted alongside the video that ‘Sometimes on a spacewalk, you just have to take a moment to enjoy the magnificence of our planet Earth.’ Randy Bresnik has unveiled a stunning look at Earth from 250 miles above the surface.

The Expedition 53 Commander tweeted astonishing footage this week from the latest spacewalk on the ISS, scoring the fifth of his career and the third for NASA Flight Engineer Joe Acaba. The Go-Pro video reveals a first-hand look at our planet as seen from orbit, as the pair served to install new cameras and fix a robotic arm during the Oct 20 outing. His post shortly went viral, shared thousands of times by those still at the ground level which seemed to relish the literal change in perspective.

Bresnik has been in space since July when he came with Russian astronaut Sergey Ryazanskiy and Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency. Bresnik has survived on the ISS as part of the Expedition 52 and 53 crews, and he is programmed to return from space in December.

The astronaut tweeted the video on his official Twitter account and the beautiful view of earth from space soon became viral on social media receiving thousands of favorites and retweets.

Bresnik wrote in September that he had always fully enjoyed using photography to try to catch the beauty of time or the excitement of a second and share it with others. I can only hope that I can do the same during this International Space Station mission of Expeditions 52/53. He also continued that he hoped the project would encourage people from that location to respond from their vantage point on the ground.

Bresnik inscribed that he also hoped that those of you not from the location would look upon the beauty of that place from both the ground and from space and perhaps someday desire to see it for yourself. In this small way maybe our world becomes a little smaller, human-to-human.

During the spacewalk, Bresnik and Acaba connected a unique camera system on the Canadarm2 robotic arm’s latching end effector, an HD camera on the starboard truss of the ISS, and replaced a fuse on the Dextre robotic arm extension.

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