Watch the largest mesmerizing image of Milky Way yet with 46 billion pixels

German University astronomers have compiled the biggest astronomical picture of our galaxy Milky Way till date which contains more than 46 billion pixels. The stunning image is so large that most of the PC will die in mid-way while opening the image so astronomers have provided an online tool to overcome this problem,

Astronomers from the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) observed our galaxy for objects with variable brightness and clicked 268 different images of these objects including stars, planets and other celestial bodies. Later they compiled all the images to make one gigantic image with a size of whopping 194 GB.

Lead astronomer, professor Rolf Chini from the Chair of Astrophysics said that they used telescopes at Bochum university’s observatory in the Atacama Desert in Chile and observed the sky for five years to collect the data. The calculations were so huge that it took several weeks to assemble the largest image with different filters. The project has led to the discovery of more than 50,000 celestial bodies which were previously unknown.

While explaining Chini said that they looked for variable brightness in the sky which could be caused by a planet passing through a star or it could also be a result of multiple star system where stars obscure each other every now and then.

People can view the image by a tool provided by the astronomers. Viewers can explore the depths of space which is mesmerising. The tool provides zoom in and out option. However, if you zoom the image you might have to wait for the picture to clear up even on a high-speed internet as the image is very large and it takes a while to download the zoomed version of the image. After the wait what you get is breathtaking and worth waiting, you will see stars as if they are sparkling diamonds in the sky, also some stars in clusters give appearance of a jewel-box.

The project will not stop here, researchers will further continue to explore the depths of space.

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