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If it’s clear on the early morning of Tuesday, February 18 th, you can see Mars wink out as the Moon comes on front of the Red Planet in what is called an occultation. The Moon will certainly cover Mars 5 times in 2020, yet February’s occultation is the just one that will certainly come to audiences in much of North as well as Central America.

“You’ll need to rise prior to or at dawn to witness the occasion,” notes Diana Hannikainen (obvious HUHN-ih-ky-nen), Sky & &Telescope’s Observing Editor, “yet if skies are clear at your area, it will certainly be well worth it.”

Look for the Moon reduced over the southeastern perspective, where it will certainly be a winding down crescent on Tuesday early morning. That indicates the lit side (or brilliant arm or leg) will certainly get on the left side of the lunar disk.

The Moon will certainly be relocating leftward in the skies, towards Mars, as the occultation starts, as well as far from the earth as the occasion wraps up. When the 2 fulfill, it will certainly take around 14 secs for the Moon to swallow Mars up. While the Moon would instantly cover a celebrity– due to the fact that celebrities, being until now away, are plain factors of light– the procedure takes much longer for Mars due to the fact that it offers an extremely tiny disk.

The Moon will certainly cover Mars for an amount of time in between a couple of minutes approximately a fifty percent as well as a hr, depending upon your area. When the occasion wraps up, the earth will certainly re-emerge from behind the “dark,” ideal side of the lunar disk.

When Can You See Mars Hide Behind the Moon?

So, at what time do you require to be wide awake as well as outdoors in order to witness this view? That relies on where you are.

If you’re on the East Coast of the United States or Canada, the occasion will certainly take place after dawn as well as will certainly be mainly unobservable, unless you’re looking with devices such as field glasses. Midwestern places must see the occultation start in dawn golden, with Mars re-emerging from behind the Moon around dawn. For those out West, the Moon hasn’t increased yet at the time it covers Mars, yet you’ll intend to see to it you’re prepared for the earth’s reappearance: Since the skies will certainly still be dark when Mars arises from behind the lunar crescent’s earthlit side (the section of the Moon faintly brightened by sunshine showing off Earth), fortunate audiences remain in for a reward– if it’s not gloomy, that is.

Here’s a choice of loss as well as reappearance times for U.S. cities:

New York City, NY– 7: 36: 37 a.m./ 9: 05: 49 a.m. EST
Atlanta, GA– 7: 07: 29 a.m./ 8: 45: 13 a.m. EST
Columbus, OH– 7: 14: 47 a.m./ 8: 45: 48 a.m. EST
Nashville, TN– 6: 04: 12 a.m./ 7: 38: 49 a.m. CST
Chicago, IL– 6: 07: 10 a.m./ 7: 35: 02 a.m. CST
Kansas City, MO– 5: 52: 48 a.m./ 7: 20: 43 a.m. CST
Phoenix, AZ– 4: 37: 27 a.m./ 5: 40: 07 a.m. MST
Boise, ID– Reappearance just at 5: 49: 02 a.m. MST
San Francisco, CA– Reappearance just at 4: 30: 57 a.m. PST
Seattle, WA– Reappearance just at 4: 47: 41 a.m. PST

For a much more thorough listing of places in North as well as Central America, go here.

How to See Mars Disappear

If you’re in midwestern or eastern areas of North America, you might require field glasses to witness this occasion if it’s happening throughout brilliant early morning golden. If you’re making use of field glasses, hold them as stable as feasible, probably by propping your arm joints on a tough surface area. A telescope will certainly be also much better– if you do not have accessibility to one on your own, you can examine your regional astronomy club listings to see if a close-by club is holding a seeing celebration. Observers out West will certainly require only their eyes to witness the reappearance of the Red Planet, yet field glasses or a telescope will substantially boost the experience.

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Viewers in much of North as well as Central America will certainly be dealt with to fairly a view on the early morning of Tuesday February 18 th, prior to or around dawn. The winding down crescent Moon will certainly come on front of Mars, production the Red Planet disappear for some time. As a benefit, Jupiter as well as Saturn float close by. Click right here for a high-def (1920 x 1080 px) variation.
Sky & & Telescope/ Gregg Dinderman

Ron Dantowitz took this picture in Bonita Springs, Florida, throughout the June 2003 Mars occultation occasion. Note that for the February 2020 occultation Mars will certainly have turned as well as will not provide the exact same attributes.
Ron Dantowitz


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