Watch this magnificent image of Sunset captured by Scott Kelly from space

American space agency NASA’s astronaut, Scott Kelly has released magnificent image of Sunset captured from space at night. He tweeted the image on his official twitter account with a goodnight message.

Kelly captured the stunning image using his Nikon D4 digital camera using a 28-millimeter lens.

Scott Kelly is longest living astronaut on the ISS in the history of space and he has spent 500 days in space by February 10. On October 16, Kelly completed 383 days in space and became the longest living man in space by breaking the record of US astronaut Mike Fincke who had spent 382 cumulative days. Kelly is also the record holder of consecutive days spent in space. With his 216th consecutive days in space on October 29, Scott Kelly surpassed astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria’s record for the single longest space flight (215 consecutive days) by an American.

Kelly’s space run will continue till March 3, 2016 and if everything goes according to plan then by that time he would have spent a total of 522 days in space spanned over four missions. Kelly has been subject to an experiment which is analysing the effects of space over humans and the data obtained will be used in the future space missions.

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