Watch live: Robots exploring the Deep Waters off Hawai’i expedition

Researchers from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) are live feeding the stunning view of deep water of the Hawaii Coast. After continuously working for nearly 6 years, NOAA scientists have designed two robotic submarines that went inside the sea to record the spectacular view.

According to reports, the submarines went 2100 metres inside the water and hit the sea floor where no human has managed to reached. With the help of robotic eye people can witness what humans haven’t seen yet through their eyes. In addition, the team is live streaming the recordings by the two robot submarines.

The submarines will explore ecosystems and geology deep beneath the waves and will also identify habitat risks over a period of one month. Named as Hohonu Moana: Exploring the Deep Waters off Hawai’i expedition, the NOAA’s exploration ship Okeanos will explore Hawaii ecosystem till 30 September.

One can watch the live feeds anytime and can enjoy the stunning internal view of the sea. Also, scientists are continuously explaining every entity captured by the camera so it becomes pleasurable for public in understanding the underwater objects.

Moreover, NOAA is an American scientific agency that monitors conditions of oceans and atmosphere and warns of any dangers or risks regarding weather, etc. It conducts researches for developing a better understanding towards environment.

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