Do aliens exist? Large alien spaceship caught in camera while flying near ISS (Video+)

Watch: Large UFO spotted near International Space Station; NASA still silent on aliens!

It seems that the day is not far when alien hunters will uncover the alien life as they are constantly coming up with evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Once again alien buffs have spotted UFO flying in International Space Station in the NASA live feed which suggests that aliens do exist.

Youtuber and alien hunter Streetcap1 has uploaded a video in which he shows an alien spaceship as large as a city bus lingering near the International Space Station. The alien hunter regularly posts about the alien sightings and considers this one as a strong evidence of alien life. He has zoomed the image and filtered it for the space enthusiasts and believers of alien life to see the UFO clearly.  In the description, he said, “This looks like a craft behind the ISS speeding off into the distance. NASA must have been on their coffee break.”

SC1 believes that NASA cannot ignore such mysterious activities that occur so frequently. May be astronauts aboard ISS were on coffee break the spaceship got caught in the camera. In the description, he said, “This looks like a craft behind the ISS speeding off into the distance. NASA must have been on their coffee break.”

Another UFO hunter, Scott C. Waring who posts about alien findings on his blog UFO Sightings Daily has reported, “There is no place other than space that aliens want to see humanity…at their finest, reaching for the stars. This UFO is seen on the other side of the solar panels in the far distance. It looks like is about the size of a city bus and is disk shaped.”

He further went on to say that many conspiracy theorists claim that it is nearly impossible to catch UFO and alien spaceship lingering around the International Space Station. However, according to UFO Sightings Daily editor, if you search for about 1-2 hours closely, you can find a UFO.

Many alien seekers believe that aliens do come to visit astronauts aboard ISS and they talk with ISS. Some claim that NASA did not install a high-resolution camera on ISS so that they can fool people by claiming it to be a technical glitch or lens flare. Some say that the US space agency knows about the aliens and are on talking terms with them, but they are hiding it from us.

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Kanishk Singh, co-founder, and editor-in-chief at The TeCake, has forayed in the Science and Space for over five years, he enjoys his stint as an editor of several local magazines. He has written several editorials and high-level documentations.


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  • NASA should monitor their published space info, pictures and videos to provide studied follow up with comments on anomaly observations made by common people worldwide who constitute unlisted workforce of humanity engaged in the same ‘curiosity’ mission.

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  • Oh, good grief. THINK, everybody. That video of an Unidentified Camera Image behaved in a way that allows only one explanation, and it’s not an alien spaceship. Imagine the alignment of the camera, ISS and the UCI. As it begins to move, the UCI, which appears to sit at a point on the one-dimensional line defined by the camera and the object, has the option of moving in any one of an infinite number of directions. And it can move either in a straight line, or in any one of an infinite number of curved trajectories. Curiously, it chose the one trajectory, out of an infinite number of options open to it, that mimics an artifact in the sensor grid of the camera. That is, it recedes from the camera in a direction defined by that line between the camera and the apparent location of the UCI. It doesn’t move in any of the infinite number of lateral options open to it, nor in any of the up/down options. It just recedes from the camera. The probability of that is about one in a gazillion.
    Look, people — the human brain is designed to look for cause and effect relationships, and if it doesn’t find a plausible cause for an event, it creates one. That’s the mechanism of creativity, and creativity is the only characteristic that distinguishes Homo sapiens from all other animals. It’s our gig, what allowed us to survive in the Ice Age. Our brains haven’t changed significantly in the last 12,000 years, yet the nature of the problems we have to solve has. It’s no longer about staying warm, eating and reproducing. Most of our modern problems are inherently incomprehensible, like this camera image, or fluid gender boundaries, or the decay of the social order. Rather than live with ambiguity, we create “solutions” like t-Rump, or UFOs.

    Regarding this video, I vote for a sensor malfunction.

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