Space Pollution: 5 lakh space chunks revolve around Earth, Watch video

Watch exponentially increasing space debris around Earth, It's shocking
Humans have polluted Earth including air, land and water. However, it seems we humans haven't spared Space and have badly polluted space too. Astronomers have launched a new video revealing more than 5 lakh space chunks revolve around Earth and can anytime collide with our planet in future.

Scienctists have released a new video revealing the deteriorating garbage management system in outer space. The video shows large amount of space chunk orbiting the Earth that poses risk of damaging space equipments like satellites and probes. Also these space chunks might get defelected and come to bite us in the near future.

The mesmerising space video was made by Stuart Grey, a scinetists and lecturer at the University College London. The video correlates the amount of space debris present in 1957 with space chunks in 2015. It was 1957 when Russians launched the Sputnik satellite and released first of the man made chunk in space. Since, then there has been tremendous increase in the numbers and now these numbers have grown so much that they are threatening space projects and more importantly mankind itself.

According to American Space Agency NASA, it currently tracks 20,000 such pieces, mostly from used rocket parts, non-functional satellites, and other objects that are measured to be larger than a softball. It also tracks objects the size of a marble (but smaller than a softball) and has counted about 500,000 such things in space. And then there are millions of other objects that are just too small to monitor.

Every white dot in video represents a space debris released during space missions .Recently, one such man made space chunk dubbed as ‘WTF’ headed towards Earth, but got burnt due to atmospheric friction before hitting the Earth’s surface near Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean.

Agencies have started proposing ideas to clear up space chunk before things quickly get out of hand. Moreover, reusable rocket can significantly reduce the number as these satellites donot leave chunks behind.

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