Watch: ESA releases 360 degree video of International Space Station

European Space Agency has released a 360-degree video of International Space Station. The two videos show stunning internal view of the ISS. Astronomers at the ISS regularly send images and videos of Earth captured from space, but it is the first occasion that they have shown the ISS from the inside.

ESA astronaut Samantha Critoforetti took several images during her stay on the ISS for the mission named Futura back in 2014. Apart from shooting images she performed several other experiments in space including teaching young students on how to be an astronaut.

Scientist later marvelously stitched the images to make 360-degree videos for the VR viewing. Two videos show two modules of the ISS. Space laboratory named Destiny is shown in the first module that was installed in 2001 while the second module depicts the Harmony module that was constructed in 2007. Astronauts sleep in the second module as it contains beds for the crew members.

Watch Space Station 360: Destiny and Harmony:

International Space Station was built in 1998 in association of five space agencies — NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA and CSA. It is first habitable satellite and largest artificial manmade object present in the space that can be seen with naked eyes from the Earth. ISS orbits at an average height of 400 km above the Earth and it completes 15.54 orbits per day.

At ISS, astronomers study microgravity, physics, astronomy, meteorology and several other important topics.

Astronauts have also released time-lapse video and interactive map on the ESA’s website.

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