Watch: Alien Missile or UFO caught next to Moon in NASA Apollo 11 mission image

Alien hunters have spotted a missile shaped UFO on the moon while examining the image captured by Apollo 11 mission held in 1969. Youtuber Paranormal Crucible has found the UFO in the black and white picture. It is to be noticed that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went to Moon in Apollo 11 mission and conspiracy theorists claim that those two astronauts never landed on the moon after they saw aliens on lunar surface.

Paranormal Crucible has uploaded a video on YouTube which shows the mysterious image. The UFO might be a missile launched by the NASA to kill alien base camps on moon, believes the alien hunter.

“Bizarre image from the Apollo archives which appears to show a missile type UFO cruising across the moon. Could Nasa be bombing alien installations on the lunar surface, possibly using high tech ships from the secret space programme? Very odd object, not convinced it’s an alien craft, more likely something we launched, but at who and why?” said Paranormal Crucible in the video description.

The video became viral soon after it was uploaded on the video-sharing website and has received over 1 lakh views.

The video gave rise to conspiracies and some said that it is missile used by aliens to scare humans and prevent them from landing on Moon. However, some believe that it could just be a scar or lunar surface or just a mark on the camera lens and no such aliens exist on the moon.

Like previous times, the American space agency has refrained from commenting on the image and existence of aliens.

Watch the video titled Alien Missile or UFO caught next to Moon

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