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Movie lovers cheer!!! Now no need of annoying and goofy 3D glasses to watch 3D movies in theaters! Yes, the scientists of MIT claim to develop a new screen technology which will allow people to watch 3D movies without wearing those irritating and ludicrous 3D glasses.

If it is true and the invented display technology is applied to the theaters, the fashion-cognizant film stabs won’t need to wear the clumsy-looking 3D glasses to watch. This invention is done by the collaboration of a researcher team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science. The researchers involved in this development claims that they have designed a small screen version that allows a watcher to watch 3D movies in a hall without wearing silly glasses.

They named this newly developed technology as “Cinema 3D” in which a unique collection of lenses and glasses are used so that the viewers can watch a 3-D movie from any corners of a theater. However, this novel screen technology is still in its primary stage and isn’t yet ready to be launched in the market.

What researchers say?

When asked Wojciech Matusik, a professor and a leading participant in this research, he said that the existing approaches of watching 3D movies wearing a goofy 3-D glass are complexly tiring and impractical and so that they have tried to invent a glasses-free 3-D screen which will allow the viewers to watch the movie without glasses. He also added that this development once done for market-launch could be applied to large screens of theater.

Another assistant professor Gordon Wetzstein of Stanford University said that this screen technology would allow the viewers to watch movies from any corner of the theater without wearing glasses.

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