Excess pollutants emitted by faulty Volkswagen cars will cause 1200 premature deaths in Europe


Volkswagen is no doubt a big name in the global automobile market. By owning a number of leading auto brands, the German automaker brand has ended up being the most leading name in the international market. However, the cars of Volkswagen, designed to cheat on fuel emission tests has become a big question mark on the company’s prestige. A new study, conducted by a team of international researchers has revealed that the excessive air pollution attributable to Volkswagen cars, intended to swindle the emissions tests may cause more than 1,200 premature deaths in Europe.

The study, carried out by the research team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology determined that the Volkswagen’s home country – Germany will be greatest victim of air pollution, caused by the emissions, made by Volkswagen cars. The emissions-rigging scandal of Volkswagen has now turned out to be the most severe and fatal threat to humanity as more than 500 people are losing their lives in one decade, thanks to the harmful emission of Volkswagen sedans. The study paper also warned that the death toll could be more disastrous if the German-based company doesn’t find out an efficient and immediate way to get its high-emissions vehicles off the roads as quickly as possible.

As stated by the new study, death tolls, caused by high-emission cars from Volkswagen is quite dramatic and another 2,600 people are likely to pass away ahead of time if the company doesn’t arrange a recall process for all its defective vehicles and sedan models including those from its top-line brands like Skoda, Audi, VW, and Seat by the end 2017. The high-emission cars of Volkswagen are purposely designed to cheat on the European emissions standards, because of which they are quickly getting a license to get on the roads. Because of such scandalous attitude of the German brand, in the coming years, more than 1200 early deaths may likely to be recorded, warned the new study.

As shown in the statistical department of the survey, the high emission of Volkswagen cars is expected to exhibit greater damage in Europe. As more defective cars from the same brand have been sold there, the death toll is projected to remain higher in the home country of the brand. Out of 11 million emissions-cheating vehicles Volkswagen, sold last year, 2.6 million were sold in German, while purchasers of the same brand car in the US is 482,000.

Similarly, Germany’s neighbours like Poland, France, and the Czech Republic are expected to be significantly impacted by the toxic emissions of Volkswagen vehicles. The death toll of the new study shows, nearly 160 premature deaths are supposed to occur in Poland, while in France and the Czech Republic, the number of deaths is expected to be 84 and 72 respectively. The remaining 384 early deaths are anticipated to be distributed all through the rest of regions of Europe.

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