Voice Calling feature spotted in WhatsApp for Apple iOS


After getting reports about WhatsApp for Android for company’s voice calling VoIP feature, WhatsApp has started rolling out the voice calling feature for Apple iOS devices also. On Thursday, iPhone users started reporting about visibility of a ‘Call Button’ in the new update (v downloaded from App Store. However, the change log does not mention the inclusion of any voice calling functionality.

The call button provided in the update clearly shows that the company is about to roll out the functionality. As  of now the call button is directly opening phone’s default dialer as it was previously seen in the Android app.

When both of the apps, WhatsApp for iOS and Android were compared, then it was found that the iOS app was notably wider with fully functioning voice calling to some users.

It was earlier reported that those Android users who were getting call button to their app, said that it points to the default dialer app of the phone, to enable the voice calling feature the user must be “invited” by an another user, which has already enabled call feature in its smartphone, which can be done by calling the user from the app.

Jan Koum, CEO WhatsApp uncovers the mystery and confirms that voice calling feature is not a rumour; the company will officially launch the feature in Q1, 2015. He further added that the project is currently is beta phase, and it would take around two weeks for the developers in rolling out the functionality.

Moreover, a seventeen year old security researcher, Indrajeet Bhuyan, discovered some of the bugs in WhatsApp that cannot only allow you to see the profile pictures of those with privacy barriers, but also the images the individual might have shared with the contacts. The bug, which is a serious threat to the user’s privacy, apparently came into existence when WhatsApp Inc. introduced its web version.

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