Virat Kohli, who played at number 3, has stepped down one position for Ajinkya Rahane during India’s opening match of the series against Australia at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Kohli, who has been performing outstanding earlier while in his position as batsman number three in the ODIs, is facing a quite some problem because of the mix up in the order.

Although Mahendra Singh Dhoni says that it is a part of some strategy for the World Cup, it hasn’t quite worked well if we were to judge from the experiment results.

Batting at home was fine but on foreign lands, it is turning out to be a different game altogether for Kholi. Although, Gavaskar expressed his views on the matter saying position in the line-up is not a factor for Kohli and that he will continue to bat there.

But to think clearly, Kohli will be India’s big gun in the World Cup, which is scheduled to start next month. With less than a month left for the event, it would be more advisable to Kholi that he better work on his technique to revive his form or he might cost India it’s trophy in the all-important event.

As far as strategy goes, BCCI has also directed Virat and other team players that their wives or girlfriends cannot be a part of this year’s World Cup. This step is supposed to be in response to the Kholi flying kisses to Anushka incident at the last ODI.

We hope things do pan out for the poor lad, for it may cost us our World Cup and as far as cricket goes, a World Cup is one thing Indians are not so keen on losing.

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