People in MP village living in fear as strange activities haunt them!

Villagers in MP living in fear, witnessing strange activities that eliminated dinosaurs

Villagers in Madhya Pradesh are living in terror as fear of volcanic eruption along with some strange activities haunt them. Recently villagers felt Earth beneath them shaking with explosion like terrifying sounds after that what they saw was unbelievable to their eyes. After land beneath them grumbled, soon water started coming out of their handpumps with great force. They witnessed crack in brick walls while mud houses collapsed.

The village Basner Kalan in Betul district (200 km from Bhopal) is located over one of the Earth’s largest volcanic formations called Deccan Traps which consists of solidified volcanic rocks. The volcanic rocks were formed million of years ago after an enormous river of lava that erupted out of the Earth’s crust and spread all over the Deccan Plateau leaving behind solidified volcanic rocks.

According to a study, 66 million years ago an asteroid crashed in the region which acted as a catalyst to lava flows in India. The phenomenon also lead to extinction of dinosaurs in the Deccan Plateau. Experts say that rainwater coming in contact with one of the largest lava flow has led to the tremors and underground explosion. This is also the reason behind water gushing of handpumps at great speed.

Dinesh Ganvir, an expert with the Geological Survey of India’s Nagpur office explained that volcanic soil constantly expands and retracts. In the rainy season, volcanic rocks easily get in contact with large amount of water which might have activated underground aquifers causing thunder sounds, tremors and water to gush out with full force.

Nearly 2500 people live in the village Basner Kalan and these life-threatening activities have forced them to live in fear. When asked about the activities, one villager said that force of water coming out of the handpump was similar to three horsepower electric motor. Also, sometimes the voice of tremors are so loud that it appears like a dynamic blast. Villagers reported that these haunting activities started from mid-September, before that they had never experienced such thing.

Authorities have issued warning and all the villagers are living in high alert ready to leave the anytime after evacuation order from the government.

When asked from Sub-divisional magistrate Aditya Richariya, he said that so far no injuries or deaths have been reported while they have started educating the villagers for necessary actions to in crunch situations like moving out of the house immediately after they hear explosion like sound.

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