Veto of installing CNG tools in cars moderately lifted by Delhi Government

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The known case of prohibiting retrofitting of CNG tools in the car comes to a riveting mode where Delhi Government has partially lifted the forbid order up. In June, Transportation Department had banned the installation of CNG tools in ‘in-use’ cars in Delhi due to the issues of uncertified and unapproved devices.

But as per the recent notification of announced by Delhi Government, the CNG kits can be retrofitted in cars with the permission of car manufacturers. The government of Delhi declared that CNG kits won’t be allowed to install in cars still the car makers do not certify them. Simply putting, retrofitting of CNG tools in new vehicles will be permitted only after car manufacturers confirm that original kits have been already installed in the sedan.

Speaking on this matter, a front-line Government officer said, Delhi Government is scheduled to lift the ban on the retro-fitment of NCG kits in ‘in-use’ cars as Transportation Department is presently chipping away on developing a software which will record all the distribution and manufacture details of NCG kits and the information of sold kits will be uploaded to the software.

After the June declaration, these kits are precluded from introducing in autos. After the development of this software, the car proprietors will be allowed to change the instruments in in-use vehicles, with the authorization of automakers. Moreover, the installer need to affirm that unused kits have been introduced and after that, Transport Department will record sold cars.

Also, for in-use cars, the government will soon be dispatching programming for recording the status of NCG devices. This product at present is being developed by National Informatics Center (NIC) and soon will come to the floor. Through this software, Transport Department will have the capacity to recognize instances of unapproved or uncertified kits if the candidate applies for support of such fake CNG units in enrollment declarations.

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