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5 Gifts which you can give to your ‘Heart’ on this Valentine for its better health

This Valentine, Gift Your “Heart” A Better Health

Today is the day of love – Valentine’s Day – the day of love and romance, the day of adore and gift, the day of gifts and chocolates. Like thousands of couples, you may also be celebrating the day with your special one, taking a romantic lunch, gifting each other the heart-shaped chocolate, quixotic cards, or adorable teddy bears.

But what’s so special about this day? Each year, you illustrate your love and care for your soul mate or partner by giving gifts and chocolates. This year, do some special; try some special and unique ways to show your love to your spouse, by taking care of your own body, heart, and health as well as her/him.

In this special day of Valentine, here are some tips and tricks, following which you can gift your own “HEART” as well as the heart of your partner a better health and a healthier life. Have a look:

Quit unhealthful habits

Express your in-depth love by caring your partner and yourself in this Valentine. Give up all your unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol drinking and others at this Valentine. In the America, the percentage of adults who frequently smoke is 16.8%, and your partner might also be one of them. If yes, ask him/her to quit smoking. If you are a chain smoker too, then give your sweetheart and own Heart a special gift – quit smoking. Tell your partner that, you will always be with him/her – no matter how long it will take him/her to stop smoking.

Take a long and quixotic walk

For celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is not always a good idea to go on a date to Paris or a farm house. You also can ask your partner to take a long evening walk with you. It will not only make both of you physically active but also will give a fresh air. Instead of hiring a cab for going to a restaurant; take a walk with your partner hand-in-hand. It will enhance the healthiness of your body and heart as well as keep the flow of love high between you and your partner.

Go for some healthy and light food

Having rich and delicious dinner at a restaurant is not always the best idea to express your love for your spouse. Try to be different this year. Prepare a delicious and tempting dinner at home, Use less oil and keep the spices level low. Give your partner a day, full of love, not a distressing day with an upset stomach. Try to prepare a heart-healthy diet having high-fiber ingredients like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts. From today, try not to consume more than 1,500mg per day.

Avoid Alcohol

Like Smoking, drinking alcohol can exploit your entire day, may the whole life. Try to avoid celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a glass of Champaign. Try some fruit-stuffed juices or beverages, with low or no calories. If you are addicted to alcohol, start dropping the amount of alcohol, you used to consume per day. Two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women is agreeable.

Promise to maintain a healthy weight

Overweight is the most disastrous concerns for Americans. So this Valentine’s Day, both you and your partner, take a pledge to maintain a healthy weight. Healthy weight keeps the flow of blood frequent, keep the right level of blood pressure, combat cardiac issues, and make you more healthy, hearty and of course attractive.

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