With This Vaccine Pregnant Woman Can Be Saved From Zika Virus

Zika Vaccine

Scientists discovered a vaccine which can save a pregnant woman and her foetus from Zika virus. After performing an experiment on mice, researchers found that the antibody which protects from dengue virus is also effective on Zika virus.

Michael Diamond who is Professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis said that this antibody neutralises the dengue virus in mice but as well as protects adult and foetus from Zika disease also. Michael Diamond is also the senior author of the study published in the journal Nature Immunology. doses

Meanwhile, A few doses of an antibody-based drug given over the course of women’s pregnancy may protect the foetus from Zika virus as antibodies last in the bloodstream for weeks. So, the antibody gives the double benefit at the same time by giving protection from Zika and dengue both.

The symptoms of dengue in children and adults are severe headaches, high fever and muscle and joint strain, but dengue doesn’t harm the foetus directly. The researchers said that the antibody which prevents dengue inhibits Zika disease too as both are the related diseases.

During the research, scientists infected non-pregnant mice with the Zika virus after that gave the anti-dengue antibodies one, three or five days after infection whereas, for comparison, infected another group of mice with Zika virus and then gave a placebo.

Above 80 percent of untreated mice died within three weeks of infection. Where the group of mice which received the anti-dengue antibody in three days were still alive and those 40 percent who received antibody five days after infection survived.

For discovering the impact of antibody on the foetus, researchers infected female mice on the sixth day of the pregnancy with Zika virus then gave a dose of antibody by the same time frame. The quantity of Zika’s genetic material was lower in the placentas and in the foetus head which was treated one day after infection when compared with the mice that received the placebo, On the 13th day of pregnancy.

The study shows that the antibody is effective if administered promptly after infection. We can protect the pregnant women by providing the vaccination as soon after knowing about the pregnancy and can make them defend against the virus.

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