Vaccination can prevent the reinfection of HPV in men

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Men can get prevention from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Vaccination can play a crucial role in altering the risk of infection, for that, men need to immunise before they involve in intercourse. If the men are not sexually active, then the process can show some of the very beneficial results.

According to a recent study, the men who are already once infected with HPV16, are at the higher risk of reinfection after a year, and the probability of the risk factor is 20 times. Meanwhile, HPV16 is the type which is responsible for the many HPV-related cancers.

Genital Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the widespread sexually transmitted infection in men, also, once who have suffered from the disease, has the higher risk of getting infected again with the same type, reported by researchers from the University of Chicago’s medical centre in Illinois, U.S.

The lead author of the study from the University of Chicago, Sylvia Ranjeva said that vaccinating young boys before the HPV disclosure could be extremely useful to eliminate the risk of HPV infection. Though, the men who already get infected once from the same type, can have the valuable results by the vaccination process.

The study aims to put attention on the point that vaccination is the power source in the process of prevention, prevention of the HPV infections, consequently raising the awareness is necessary so that the young men can complete the vaccination process before they become sexually active and cut the risk of future HPV infections.

The researchers gathered the data to analyse how much the HPV disease has expanded in men, and the team found that from the year 2005 to 2009, around four thousand men were unvaccinated. This figure was from the cities in Mexico, Florida and Brazil.

The factors such as auto-inoculation, reactivation of dormant virus and repeated contact between different sites on the body can be the key reasons for reinfection of HPV. The study mentioned that the men are at 20 times greater risk of reinfection after one year of the infection and 14 times higher risk after two years of infection if they once suffered from the HPV16 infection. The HPV16 is the responsible type for the most HPV related cancers.

The study suggested that the men are not reacquiring the virus from their sexual partners as the researchers examined the same effects on the sexually active men and on those who are not sexually active.

Therefore, to prevent the HPV initial infections, vaccinating the boys before they come into sexual contact, is essential and even treating the men, who already suffered from the infection once; can minimise the risk of reinfection. Despite, if the risk of reinfection rises because of auto-inoculation then vaccination of the previously infected men is the only useful approach, stated by Sylvia Ranjeva.

The research was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

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