USA military aid to Ukraine may halt Russian intrusion

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USA: Europe has recently become a hub for all the attacks, be it a political or terrorist. A rift is dividing the continent into parts. With Paris getting attacked by terrorists and Middle East brewing trouble with a lot of immigrants pouring in, Europe is on the brink of a breakdown.

USA President Barack Obama has tried to lessen the Russia threat towards Europe by seeking to isolate it by aiding Ukraine. USA has not helped Ukraine earlier due to its policy of non-disruption between countries but with so many lives lost and property damaged, USA is reconsidering their options.

Relations between Russia and USA were spoiled after the Ukraine crisis. USA is trying to isolate the Putin regime in Ukraine to separate Russia and stop violence.

USA had not provided arms and ammunition to Ukraine in the previous attacks by Russian, but now the superpower is rethinking its strategies for dealing with Russia since the terrorist activities and violence has hiked to a danger level.

After Russia’s repeated refusal in any involvement in the conflicts, deeming sanctions as counterproductive and avoiding direct dialogue to find a political solution to the crisis, USA is determined to make Russia realize it’s mistake.

Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine has presented Europe with various challenges that if not handled properly may lead to military conflicts turning into bloodthirsty wars. Russia is trying it’s best to hamper the unity between the two nations in order to gain more control over the continent.

The cold war has been wedged between the two countries and it is a matter of time before it all goes out of hand. USA-Russia-Ukraine issue hopefully should not become a triggering event for World War III.

We hope that such a situation must not arise, and the conflicts are resolved as soon as possible for a best of world’s interests.

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