US will observe Pakistan efforts to eliminate terrorism


John Kerry, the Secretary of United States, said that US will be observing Pakistan actions on mitigation and control of terrorism budding in the country. Replying to this Pakistan officials said that it will make no distinctions between good or bad terrorists and will take all the necessary and required actions.

A senior state department official told “The proof is in the pudding, and I mean, it relies on kind of what actual operational steps are taken.”

The official made this remark when he was asked if the top Pakistani leaders gave any reliable response or made any commitments on taking any actions against the outfits of the terrorists, including Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Kerry arrived Islamabad from Ahmedabad, India where he met Modi.

Soon after Kerry arrived Pakistan, he met Artaj Aziz, Pakistan’s’s national security advisor and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Their meeting eventually discussed about the efforts Pakistan going to make to eliminate the difference in between a good and a bad terrorist.

One of the official said “The rhetoric that we heard tonight and what we’ve heard over the course of the last months since the Peshawar attack was absolutely the case that this has unified the country in a way that they’ve repeatedly described as their 9/11, that it created a consensus in the country that had never been there in that same way.”

“The Secretary just came from India, he debriefed a little bit on the India trip as well, and we talked about other broader regional issues. In terms of bilateral issues, we talked about continued civilian assistance, security assistance, economic issues, market access. It really covered the waterfront,” he included.


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