As we know, Sun has different types of activities taking place inside it. Some are of higher intensity, and some are of low intensity. Strong solar flares and solar storms are ejected by the Sun every now and then, and all this happens due to the coronary mass ejection phenomena taking place inside it.

For most of the communication purposes, we depend on satellites and other scientific objects placed in the outer space. But we should be aware that any major solar storm has the capacity to devastate all our communication system and shut down electric grids. It is estimated that it will cause around $20 trillion worth of damage.

So, to protect our Earth from any type of intense solar storm, US scientists have proposed to set up a massive magnetic deflector which would act as a shield between Earth and the Sun. This planetary shield will divert or deflect back all the harmful emission coming out from the Sun.

Scientists have estimated that the proposed shield would consist of a 1 lakh ton of Copper coil and it would use the magnetic fields as well as the Lorentz force concept to deflect harmful solar flares from the sun away from the Earth. Scientists informed that the magnetic deflector shield would be set up at a distance of 329,000 km (205,000 miles) from Earth and it would be able to protect our planet by using comparatively small deflection.

Actually, the cost of making this planetary shield will be very high, but when we compare it with the expenses required to repair the damage caused by a dangerous solar storm, this cost would be far less. The cost of making the shield is estimated to be around $100 billion, and if it is not viable, then scientists can opt for constructing a shield directly in space.

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