US and Iraq join forces against ISIS

US and Iraq join forces against ISIS tecake

Iran and U.S.A. has finally decided to join hands and fight against the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS. US sent helicopter gunships to support Iraqi forces that are battling ISIS militants in al-Baghdadi, in retribution ISIS planned an attack on US military troops.

Needless to say that the US detected it before that happened and stopped the attack before it could take place. The extremists were dressed as Iraqi soldiers and tried to bomb the base in western Iraq where hundreds of US soldiers were posted.

Although there indeed had been some damage according to the reports. Three of the ISIS members were able to use the explosives before the others were found and detonated. But to God’s grace, the US troops were several kilometers away from the explosion and were not harmed by this attack at all.

On Thursday, the ISIS extremists tried to attack al-Baghdadi and were able to conquer it, but when they tried for the Ain al-Asad air base, they met the harsh and effective US troop forces which made them back down from their attacking agenda and driving them back home.

But sadly, during the seize period of al-Baghdadi, the ISIS militants managed to kill 33 people, that included policemen and a few members of the government-backed Sahwa paramilitary group. This was meant to be a power show, stating that ISIS can achieve anything, and if anyone tries to come in between, will be executed brutally and no loved one will also be spared.

The situation that Iraq now withholds hasn’t been so, but this all started 10 June 2014 when the difference between Iraq security forces and ISIS rose to a blood bath situation. Since that day Iraq has faced constant attacks from ISIS so much so that they had to take backup from the US.

US agreed on the situation as it is against terrorism and also because of ISIS’s previous predicaments where they captured hostages and brutally massacred them.

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