Scientists stunned as universe contains 2 trillion galaxies; 20X more than previously thought


For millennia, the universe has been a great source of mystery and puzzlements. Since ages, astronomers and scientists have kept on researching the world from various angles to disclose all the hidden secrets.  No doubt, the universe, and its systems are too big to be studied, and it seems to have unlimited clandestine for the truth seekers. A recently conducted study has undisclosed one of the most astonishing facts about the cosmos and its inherent galaxies, which has brought up the possibility of proving all the previously guessed theories about the galaxy system of the universe to be false.

Some 3D modelling of images of the space which are collected over 20 years by the Hubble Space Telescope was recently published in the Astronomical Journal, giving some of the most valuable and major hints about the solar, planetary, and galaxy systems of the universe. As mentioned in the academic journal, there are 20 times more galaxies in the space, which is far much higher than the previous theories.

As said in the reports, space houses 2 trillion galaxies which are up to 20 times more than formerly thought. On Thursday, the journal was published and disclosed some of the most enchanting facts about the cosmos system. It also says that 90% galaxies in the space are yet untouched by the scientists and it is only 10% of the entire presented galaxies which are being subjective to researches and studies.

The new gauge originates from a British-led study that utilized pictures received from the Hubble Space Telescope to make a 3D guide of the universe. This 3D mapping project enabled the researchers to explore the thickness of the universe and its various galaxies and also is designed to help them to discover how expansive separate little locales of space are. From the pictures, it is clearly noticed that the universe is comprised of more than two trillion galaxies, which is 20 times more than had earlier been thought.

Hubble Space Telescope is working since 20 years, and during the past 20 years, the images clicked by the telescope have found a countless of weak galaxies, and it is estimated that the observable universe has accommodated more than 100 billion galaxies in total. The study also indicates that we are still much far away from the complete facts about the universe and its galaxies. While our cosmos are originated just few million years before, several galaxies are there which are formed trillion years before.

The pictures are also indicating that the universe is much bigger and more crammed with trillions of galaxies, making the earlier guessed theories completely wrong. It also says that several galaxies are presented in the universe, which have never been scrutinized neither the scientists are aware of their existence.

The study reports, co-funded by the Royal Astronomical Society, published in the Astrophysical Journal on Thursday and soon went viral on the internet, creating questions about the number of galaxies.

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