Universe is expanding but not in any specific direction: Scientists

Recent research reveals the super massive stars in the cosmos

The entire system of cosmos has always been a source of vagueness. With so many hidden secrets, enchanting realities, and uncertain movements, the solar system, and the universe has always kept on researchers blowing since decades. While a number of studies have been held for understanding the systems of the universe, a new study has found something surprising for the astrophysicists.

A team of cosmologist from University College London and Imperial College London, UK published a statement according to which, the Universe is not expanding in any precise route. Previously, the universe was assumed to develop in an individual track, but the recently held study has said something else.

Daniela Saadeh, the head of the research said that cosmos has not any particular growth, and its development is found not to be uniform. If we casually stare into the night sky, a clumpy Universe is easily notable, embodied with planets circle stars in heavenly bodies, which thus frame gigantic cosmic system groups.

However, previously the cosmologists expect this impact to be limited and expected the Universe to be uniform. And the lead scientist of the new research, Daniela Saadeh has put this suspicion through its most stringent test yet and discovered that the possibility of the Universe moving in the specified track is only1 in 121,000.

The study held by the researchers of University College London and Imperial College London, UK was published in the academic journal, titled as ‘Physical Review Letters,’ which has the thick description of how the cosmologist scrutinize various anisotropy models and found there is almost no chance of the universe is growing a particular track.

If the report further proves to be genuine, then it will affect hypotheses of the world, including Einstein’s field equations theory. If it spins or is not uniform, its extension would differ with the course and the astronomers would need to reconsider some cosmological models like inflation.

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