Scientists pay tribute to Bob Marley by naming a rare marine spider species after him

Unique Marine species found out in the coastal area named after Bob Marley

In a new find, researchers have spotted a new species of spider near the coastlines of Australia. The spider is discovered by a team of researchers headed by Dr. Barbara Behr of the Queensland Museum and named Desis Bobmarleyi after the name of famous musician and his song Hight tides and low tides. According to the reports, the experts explain the spider with their two relatives from Samoa and Western Australia. This creature is unusual than other spiders it is truly marine. It covers in barnacle shells and builds air chambers from silk which enables them to breathe underwater.

After that, they hunt insects on the surface of nearby rocks, plants, and corals. According to the findings in this species, the females are larger than males. The team examined the female species measured around 9 mm while the male is about 6 mm. Both the male and female of this species are classified by primarily red and brown colors. The legs of the specimen were orangish-brown and capped by the long dark grey hair like structure.

The name of the species was on the name of the musician and another key impact that inspired the researcher was the song. The song High tides or low tides encourages love and friendship in spite of all the struggles of life. Bob Marley’s music aided a field trip to Port Douglas in Coastal Queensland, Australia, to gather with a highly unique biology. A blog post by Dr. Mike Gray explained that how these marine spiders had been surviving for quite some time. This research detailing the new species of spider was issued in the Evolutionary Journal. Both the gender of the species were seen living on coral across the shoreline near the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists believe that these new species have decreased in last few years and maybe these spiders are close to the extinction. Thought marine spiders are known from many areas of the Australian Coast, but it appears the people rarely notice them.
Experts continue that more research is required to understand the function and how these species behave to unlock the key secrets of marine spiders.

Apart from the research, the scientists used the paper to pay tribute to a German naturalist Amalie Dietrich from the late 19th century. They also gave tribute to the famous singer and writer Bob Marley by this discovery, both these figures represented different fields but shows the example of adventurous and resilient at heart in pursuit of freedom and independence. This finding will also help determine the features of marine spiders.

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