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Virtual Network Operators (VNO) will now have to follow new rules in India, as the Union Government has issued licence guidelines for them.

Commenting on the released guidelines, the telecom department said, “After considering the recommendations of Trai on VNO, the government has decided to grant Unified Licence VNO (UL VNO).”

It said VNOs were treated as extension of Network Service Operator or telecom service providers and “they would not be allowed to install equipment interconnecting with the network of other NSOs.”

As per the guidelines, the “VNOs shall also be allowed to create their own service deliver platforms in respect of customer service, billing and value added service.”

In addition, the there are also few guidelines regarding entry fee, which includes: “A one-time non-refundable entry fee for authorisation of each service and service area shall be payable before signing of licence agreement and thereafter for each additional authorisation. The total amount of entry fee shall be subject to a maximum of Rs. 7.5 crore.”

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