Unidentified Space Object dubbed as 'WTF' to crash into Indian Ocean on Nov 13

An unidentified space chunk is hurtling towards the Earth and hit next month. The unidentified flying object (UFO) is rushing towards our planet but will land in a safe location precisely near Sri Lanka into the Indian Ocean next month. Nicknamed as ‘WTF’, the mysterious piece of space chunk will be the first object of its kind to crash on our planet, thus it will be a delight for scientists ans stargazers.

Officially called as WT1190F, the mysterious space object will hit earth on November 13 at 6:15 am and will fall into the Indian ocean, nearly 65 miles far from the Sri Lanka’s southern tip. WTF is about 3 to 6 feet long and is hollow from inside suggesting that the mysterious object was made by humans on earth. ‘WTF’ was discovered on 3 October by the Catalina Sky Survey, a project intended to provide early warning of approaching comets and asteroids.

According to scientists, the WT1190F could be a part of rocket body discarded in space and now the lost piece of debris is heading towards us.Usually scientists keep track of space debris, however, this time researchers lost the track and were astonished to see that the object is about to crash on Earth. Some say that the lost piece of junk could part of NASA’s Apollo program. Researchers spotted the object first in February 2013, since then they have lost the track of object twice.

Commenting on the ‘WTF’, scientists said that the mysterious object will not cause any harm to people thus there’s nothing to be afraid of. Also, there are chances that the object may burn after entering into the atmosphere, thus possibilities are there it might never touch our planet. “The object is quite small, at most a couple of metres in diameter, and a significant fraction if not all of it can be expected to completely burn up in the atmosphere,” said Tim Flohrer of European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office Darmstadt, Germany.

There are more than 5,00,000 pieces of man-made junk in the space orbiting Earth but none has ever crashed into our planet. If WT1190F hits the Earth, it will be the first object to do so. Since, it is a very rare phenomenon, researchers are very excited to study the object. It might also become a collectible artifact for some.

Youtube Channel ShantiUniverse uploaded a video explaining about the WT1190F.

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