Unidentified dinosaur skeleton sold at more than 2m dollars at auction

A one hundred fifty million years old fossilized dinosaur skeleton that was discovered in western United States in the year 2013 went on an auction on Monday at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The skeleton reportedly was nine meters (thirty feet) long and it fetched a sum of more than 2.3 million dollars.

The researchers have yet not found out the dinosaur species to which the unidentified skeleton belonged. It is only known that the skeleton is of a huge plant-eating dinosaur that lived on the Earth for a very long time.

The paleontologist Eric Mickeler said that the skeleton is near about seventy percent complete. He further added, “This is remarkable to have such a large amount of original fossilized bones.” Mickeler, who is a valuation expert at Aguttes, the auction house of France, said that the experts haven’t studied a species similar to this anytime before.

Mickeler explained that the scientists involved in the study of this fossil initially thought it to be an Allosaurus. However, after further thorough analysis they confirmed that the skeleton was of some other species as it had distinctive bones and more teeth, unlike the allosaurus. Mickeler further said that further study would be required to confirm if the dinosaur skeleton is of a completely new species.

Claude Aguttes, the auctioneer said that the buyer is a resident of France and that the person said he would be presenting the skeleton publicly. Aguttes further added that if the buyer does display it publicly then many people would be able to see it and it can be further studied by the scientists.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) at Bethesda in Maryland representing an international team of near about two thousand two hundred paleontologists did not support the auction and wanted it to get canceled due to concerns regarding the historical asset landing in a private entity. It rather wanted the fossils to be kept in a public repository.

Mickeler said that some museums do not necessarily possess enough money for buying such skeletons. He showed his concern saying, “I really hope the new owner will put it on display.”

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