UNICEF representative commends steady progress in India’s healthcare

In a recent interview, the country representative for UNICEF in India, Dr. Yasmin Ali Haque commented on the data obtained from sample registration system (SRS). The data of SRS was disseminated by the registrar general of India and emphasized on the formidable decline the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) in the country. The findings explicitly indicate that as compared to 2013 the death of women due to pregnancy related complicacies has been reduced by 1000. Dr. Yasmin responded to various questions in the interview which reflected on the current conditions of maternal healthcare in India.

In response to the 22% decline of MMR in 2016 as compared to the statistics of 2013, she commended the efforts and expressed belief in the commitment of the country to the sustainable development goals established for 2030. The target for sustainable development goal is to reduce the maternal mortality rate below 100 for every 100,000 live births. According to Dr. Yasmin, the progress of India in the areas such as healthcare facility, family and community which are crucial for safeguarding health of women as well as the provision of transportation facility to and fro hospitals have been notable improvements in this direction.

She also added that the changing mindset of people resulting in increased visits of pregnant women to hospitals for treatment and facility-based deliveries as well as improved quality of care especially in remote areas through training of mid-wives and auxiliary nurse mid-wives have also played crucial roles in transforming the scenario of healthcare for mothers and newborns in India.

The views of Dr. Yasmin in this context also reflected on the complexities in pregnancy for adolescent women with a substantial number of pregnant women in India observed within the age group of 22-45. She emphasized that in majority of cases the risks could not be predicted accurately thereby leading to the requirement of sustained effort in this direction to obtain prolific results. Her statement also included references to prospects for future development in the country’s data collection system which can lead to promising advantages in the long term.

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