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Facebook, the social networking giant, is going to roll out features that will help you have more relevant and organised News Feed. According to the reports, Facebook has enabled the users to select from which friends or groups they want more updates. Along with the ‘I don’t want to see this’, users of social networking giant will also encounter an option to ‘see less.’

The feature will roll out today on the desktops and on the mobile devices in the coming few weeks. The company has revamped its News Feed to allow users to see more relevant and content of choice from friends, top people, groups and pages. Giving the control of News Feed to the users is apparently the best feature Facebook has ever rolled out.

It is without a doubt that with the increasing number of friends the News Feed is generally composed of information and updates you might not want to see, however, on the flip side you usually miss the updates of friends you have not talked to over a long period of time.

This new update allows you to be in the center of the News Feed and control the way it behaves. You can opt to unfollow a particular friend, page or group, or simply choose to ‘see less’ from them.

According to a report, Facebook is also providing a master control where you can see whom you are following and who are their in your unfollow list. You can quickly swap across it to switch people in and out of these groups.

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