UN reports three cases of sexual abuse with Indian peacekeepers

India has been accused of three substantial case of sexual abuse and exploitation during its peacekeeping operations between 2010 and 2013 by United Nations Report.

According to the report, there were a total of 64 substantial cases of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers.

UN office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) looks into allegations of sexual abuse in peacekeeping operations. Its report also says that the largest contributor to the troop like India, which has currently over 8000 personnel in peacekeeping operations, has comparatively lower cases of abuse.

Other largest contributor Pakistan with 8750 members has four such cases  and Bangladesh with over 9000 personnel has two such cases.

According to the report though unusual, the largest troop contributing countries do not have substantial no of cases. Africa which has just 2,160 personnel has the largest cases ie. nine. Britain provides fewer than 300 personnel and had one substantial case while Uruguay with fewer than 1500 personnel had eight cases.

The UN department of Field Services deals with the deployment of personnel stated that such data cannot be taken as representation of contingent’s attitude towards sexual exploitation and abuse and would point more towards individual failings.

The report had taken up the cases of not only outright violence and rape but also the incidences of troops exploiting the poverty of girls and women and gift giving.

Another concern expressed in the UN report is that many countries haven’t been doing the follow up work and action was not taken by the nations who had sent personnel when complaints were made. However, India was not on the list on countries failing to take action on complaints.

In a case involving Indian peacekeepers in Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008, India had conducted DNA tests on 39 soldiers to probe if they have fathered kids with local women.

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