Ukraine-Russia peace treaty might be in jeopardy

Ukraine-Russia peace treaty might be in jeopardy

Ukraine and Russia after a yearlong  war and violence had finally come to agree on a truce that underwent a 16 hours long meeting among countries like Germany, France, Russia, etc. and it might now be in trouble with some rebel groups attacking Debaltseve.

Since 15th February’s morning, there have been ten shelling attacks on in the area of Debaltseve by rebels. Dozens of wounded soldiers have been admitted to Artemivsk City hospital where they are fighting for their lives. Debaltseve has been closed for five to six days.

The relation between these attack groups and Russia hasn’t been established yet but the soldiers who fought on the lines to protect the city have been saying that the professionalism with which they were fighting indicated that they had received prior military training, and hence they could well definitely have been Russians even though they weren’t visible.

The soldiers are saying that the bombings are happening in residential areas, and the whole city is ablaze with very few or no survivors.

“There won’t be any peace because Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to do anything with peace.” Said a soldier at the Artemivsk city hospital who refused to reveal his identity.

There have been calls shared among US and Russia discussing what is going on and why Russia is acting like this, to which Russian officials are saying that the rebels are not attacking under their orders. They have no idea about what is going on.

But the evidences and circumstances all point towards Russia to be the primary culprit in this attack. For instance, why wait to attack till all foreign military has left the ground after the peace treaty? Or why making a demand to say that heavy weaponry will be removed only after two days of peace treaty being in effect? There are various theories in the matter which only time will unravel.

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