Ukraine-Russia crisis deepens, India asked to mediate

Ukraine-Russia Crisis -TeCake

The ongoing Ukraine-Russia war has taken on a more violent path and both the parties are blaming each other for the cause of war, despite the treaty in Minsk. U.S. and Europe are putting up sides, on which to rely and India has been pulled amidst all of this to sort this situation out. According to Russia, Ukraine is a country that is attacking its own people in order to extract vengeful actions from their countrymen, even though Russia is not at fault. Whereas, Ukraine says Russia is brutal and needs to stop the cruelty.

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“It must be reminded that those were not the people of Donetsk and Lugansk who unleashed the bloody fratricidal war but precisely the Kiev authorities who chose the all-out war against its own people instead of launching a nationwide dialogue and dutifully implementing the core principles of the Minsk Agreements – constitutional reform, decentralization and self-rule for Eastern regions.” the Russian Embassy said in a statement to India.

They also mentioned that instead of the European Union trying to persuade India on trying to talk sense to Russia, they should ask them to work on the treaty signed and stop trying to hide behind EU and U.S.

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But the Ukrainian government has something else to say, and is blaming Russia that they are providing arms and ammunitions to their fighters, who are attacking people and is defying the treaty of Minsk. To prove their point they have also shown about a humanitarian convoy that was on its way Debaltseve was stopped in Uglegorsk, in Eastern Ukraine, because of ongoing fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels – despite a ceasefire deal agreed in Minsk.

With both sides putting up their defenses, it is hard to figure which side is right and which is wrong. But for the sake of humanity, these two should come at a peace settlement.


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