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UFO VPN MOD APK: Get on with Safe Browsing!

Internet has provided us everything that we need. It contains information from all around the globe which we can avail within just one click. But not all the contents are visible to us certain times. Sometimes the contents are hidden for some or the other reasons. There comes the role of UFO VPN MOD APK. This modded version will provide you access to all the hidden websites and contents without any issues. To know further about this app, go through this article and download the app from the link provided below.

Details of UFO VPN MOD APK

Genre Tools
Size 12 Mb
OS Android 5+
Publisher Dreamfii
Version V2.4.7
MOD Features Available, VIP version Unlocked
Price Free
Google Play

Download Now


UFO VPN is a VPN Proxy service created by Dreamfii. This is an outstanding app that provides you with high speed internet, protects you in public wi-fi hotspot and keeps you anonymous while you surf the internet.

It is one of the best VPN App with legit 5,000,000 downloads till now. This app provides over 2000 and more servers around the globe. The free version of this app comes with access to only two servers at fixed location which is enough for the basic needs.

But this VIP version of this application is unlocked in the Modded version which we are providing you for free. Now you can access to unlimited servers around the world within just one click.

Internet is stuffed with everything that we need, but sometime due to some reasons we do not get the desired results we need. Hence, this app will help you over come that hindrance and you can surf any website, download any game that too with safety and anonymously.

To know more about the features of this app continue reading this article. Find all the interesting features of this app and download the VIP version of this application for free from the link provided below.

How does UFO VPN MOD APK work?

Internet just has everything that we need. But sometimes it is due to some reason that we do not get what we desire. Some websites are kept hidden or blocked that we do not get access to where the VPN comes in role. It will unblock the site providing you the access to that site without any issues.

Moreover, having a VPN installed on your smart phones would keep them safe from ransomware, viruses, and other cyber-attacks. Also, no one will be able to trace the internet activity because VPN gives total anonymity to its users, enabling them to remain anonymous while online.

The app will not only keep your browsing anonymous but it will also protect your data from getting hacked by the other websites.  Therefore, it is a complete package that you need for a safe browsing and access to all the website around the globe.

Features of UFO VPN MOD APK

Safety and Security:

The 3G and 4G services are not pocket friendly for day to day use. You can prefer using Public Wi-fi Hotspot. But the only concern while using public wifi is the safety. Will that be safe for you data?

After installing the UFO VPN, the answer is Yes. This will definitely protect your data from you device that can be potentially stolen while using the public wifi hotspot. You can now peacefully use public wi-fi without any fear.

Easy to Use:

To begin, Android users of UFO VPN will easily discover that they can connect to the VPN service by using app’s easy on click link. Using the couple of buttons in the app, you can quickly connect to the VPN service

Link to UFO VPN and enjoy the incredible internet service it offers. Feel free to browse any online material you wish to and that to with safety.

High Speed Internet:

With UFO VPN, you can conveniently indulge in secure Internet connectivity with many of your favourite online services.
However, Android users in UFO VPN can thoroughly monitor their link speed and thereby test their bandwidth, enabling them to easily pick the best connections for their sports, applications, and online streaming.

Multiple Connections:

Framework plays an important part in ensuring a better transmission speed because it speeds up the data exchange process. HTTP and HTTPS are the most common at the moment.

However, UFO VPN also employs HTTPS, SSX, and TCP to break down big blocks of data into smaller chunks, ensuring the data is transmitted successfully. TCP has been designed for improved results in the most recent version.

Can connect to Multiple Devices:

Android users can link up to 5 separate devices to the VPN facilities, which adds to the app’s appeal.
Feel free to use the Internet anonymously, watch international video sites, watch live streams from a variety of countries, and remain safe from tracking system on all of your smart phones.

The Fake IP:

Some games are restricted to some particular countries and regions only that you can not play from the other region than that. There comes the VPN which gives you the access to play any game sitting at any location without any restriction. The Fake Ip address is created which will provide you access to the servers which are blocked in other countries.

Now you can play any game that you want or access to any server hassle free and safely.

The MOD Version:

With the free version, you can only access to couple of servers that too at fixed locations. But this Modded version of this application provides you access to the VIP Version.

Here you can access to no. of servers sitting at just one place. You get all the benefits of the VIP version without paying a single penny.

How to Download UFO VPN MOD APK?

  • Firstly, uninstall the already download free UFO VPN from the play store.
  • Secondly, download this application from the link given below in this article.
  • Now, select the option from the settings to allow your device to download from unknown sources.
  • And now install the downloaded application in your smartphone.
  • Finally, the app with all the VIP Unlocked features is ready to use. Surf the internet safely with this app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this app available free of cost?

Yes, this app  is available absolutely free of cost and with all the unlocked VIP Features.

  1. Is this app safe to use?

Yes, definitely this app is 100% safe to use and moreover it will protect your device and data from malware and viruses.

  1. Will the adds disturb while using this app?

No adds will pop up while using this application.

  1. Can I share my account with other users?

No, only one account can be used by one user.

  1. Are there any chances of this application getting banned?

No, as of now there are no chances of this application getting banned. But use this application carefully.


As you have already read all about this application, feel free to download from the link provided below. This application is a must have application that one should definitely install.

This application is safe to use, provides access to all the websites around the globe. It not only provides access to servers but also protect your data from being stolen by hackers.

So download this application today and browse the internet safely!

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