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UFO investigations in US and UK hampered due to demonic alien fears

The US Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which performed research about the UFOs was announced to have been ceased in the year 2012. But now the reason has turned to be something fishy. Although it was believed to have been curtained due to budget issues, yet it has now been revealed that the cease was more likely to be associated with the religious beliefs of some senior officials.

A former UFO researcher of the UK Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope told that he used to face many snubs over the investigations centered by a lot of controversies. Pope said that he had the knowledge that “Pentagon pushback on UFO research” was partly because of the involved officials’ religious belief. Further, he stated that it was a peculiar irony that the investigations about UFOs were facing hurdles as the belief of some people in God implied that either they did not trust in the presence of “extraterrestrial life” or they felt that the extraterrestrials and the UFOs are demonic. The researcher added that the fact regarding some people’s belief of the UFO being demonic may have its origin in “the biblical description of Satan as being the ‘prince of the power of the air’ from Ephesians 2:2.”

Luis Elizondo, who worked formerly as an intelligence official said that the secret mission was pushed back by the senior officials due to their feeling that the study could prove to act as a matter of humiliation for their department and due to the study’s conflict with the official’s religious terms. Elizondo had also spoken regarding the five-years-old study previously in the year 2017. He said that the government stopped funding in the year 2012 but the program continued because of the resources provided by the CIA and the US Navy.

Recently the common USA citizens have reportedly witnessed an object of alien origin in the sky. The black mysterious UFO was seen just prior to a storm. A videotape made by the citizens of the country has been confirmed to be genuine by the Ufologists. As per the received reports, the flying machine was more precisely seen in the US state of Texas over Los Fresnos. The peculiar incident took place on 6th May Sunday when the region suddenly started experiencing a big storm. In accordance with the statements given by the ufologists of the United States, the cases where the UFOs are seen at the time of storms are not actually rare.

Also, alien hunters have spotted mysterious triangular-shaped spacecraft travelling through the bolt of lightning. The alleged alien spacecraft is following the path of lighting with ease. Conspiracy theorists say that it cannot be human spacecraft as the object travelled through lightning and only extraterrestrial life source could have made such spacecraft.

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  • The triangular craft in the lightning bolt is a natural phenomenon. Look up the physics of lightning, it delivers billions of volts in millionths of a second. Even if you could built a capacitor to handle that surge, why would you want to? For a spaceship, you want an energy source that is constant, controllable, and readily available. Lightning is none of these things. Nuclear energy would be a better source, based on what we now know, but maybe we’ll come up with “dilithium crystals” in the future!

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