Udacity to train engineers on Self-driving sedans: Here are the details

Udacity to train engineers on Self-driving sedans: Here are the details

The race of introducing self-drive cars is kept on being more aggressive over time, and almost all the leading car makers from all over the globe are giving their best effort on designing self-operated sedans. But to step with the cutting-edge technology and innovations for automobile, we don’t have such talented engineers who have become the biggest swindle of this brilliant scheme. All over the world, the availability of such talented engineers who could perfectly program the self-driven cars are less and so the famous online higher education company ‘Udacity’ opened up a new scheme to train the self-driving car engineers.

The program “nanodegree” launched by Udacity is completely aimed at educating the engineers about the designing and programming of the self-driving car, which in future will create more scope for self-operated sedans. This nine-month course will help the engineers to become more proficient in designing and coding the self-driving cars.

The owner of Udacity, Sebastian Thrun on this matter said that “the given industry’s push to get the technology on the road, it will be easy to get jobs for 5,000 future graduates, and likely much more.”

To this opportunity, Udacity has opened up total 250 posts for engineers and as per the official statement, already more than 3,000 people have applied for the posts. The online application for this ‘nanodegree’ has been started from Monday. According to Udacity reports, this nanodegree will be nine month course and the students will get complete learning and training on self-driving cars and their programming. The organization also cleared that, though education program is online, students will be facilitated to write computer code for Udacity’s own self-driving car.

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