Uber to Investigate Ex-Employee’s Accusations Concerning Unbridled Sexism

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The latest Blogpost of an ex-employee has landed Uber – the America-based global online transportation network company – in legal trouble. Susan J. Fowler, who worked in Uber as a Site Reliability Engineer (SITE) has posted a new blog, narrating multiple instances of rampant sexism, sexual harassment, and internal office politics, which she experienced during her work in the company. Soon after the blog posted online, it went viral on different social media, dragging the international online transportation firm into a statutory nuisance.

Now, in order to rectify the genuineness of the Blogpost, the San Francisco-headquartered company has ordered an immediate internal investigation. As the matter is strongly affecting the image of the company, Uber’s chief executive has commanded an insistent investigation into the matter. In the Blogpost, ex-engineer of Uber has alleged the company regarding the sexual harassment and the embarrassing scenarios; she faced in the enterprise.

In the blog, Fowler has described multiple instances of sexism, unwanted sexual advances, lewd remarks, and the dirty internal politics that took place throughout her employed period at the company. In her post, she also has raised questions about the integrity of the company regarding the safety of female employees as well as she asked explanations over the failure of HR’s capability to take strict measures in most of the harsh instances faced by her.

She also alleged that the least percentage of women employees at Uber is attributable to all such reasons. The Blogpost titled under “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber”, Susan Fowler Rigetti questions over the reason why Uber’s HR department overlooked her each complaint regarding the molestation, sexual harassment, and objectionable behaviours of co-workers and upper managerial as we as her boss.

As highlighted by Fowler in her post, on her first day of the job itself, she received a series of messages over company chatting site from her new manager asking her for sexual favours. From the messages, it was very clear that the director was trying to have sex with him, and as it was disproportionate, she immediately took the screenshots of all the chat messages and complained about the matter to Uber’s Human Resource department.

And surprisingly, Uber’s HR turned down her request to take strict action against the executive claiming this he ‘was a high performer of the company and it was his ‘first offence’.

Now, to sort this matter out and represent a clean image of Uber in front of people, Uber’s chief – Travis Kalanick has ordered the HR department to look into the allegations and took Twitter to contact Flower over this matter.

Travis Kalanick also apparently said that “Uber has absolutely no place for such kind of activities at the company. What Flower has written in her Blogpost is entirely antagonistic and intentional. All those matters and scenarios, Flower has narrated in her post is entirely against company’s legacy, policy, and everything, that Uber is a symbol of.”

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  • I read the article on social media. Pretty interesting. When I went to Google Susan J. Fowler, my brain did a natural dyslexic adjustment to her last name and created what it thought it saw. I looked up Susan J. “Flower” and found nothing.

    Interesting how the brain works as the author of this article does the same thing in the latter paragraphs, referring to “Flower” instead of “Fowler.”

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