Uber launches new 5MB Lite app targeting Indian market

The United States ridesharing company Uber has recently released a separate mobile app known as Uber Lite for India, which has a size of even less than five MB in comparison with its original app Uber that has a size of near about one hundred eighty MB. This new app is developed to work on Android even in areas having poor network or internet speeds.

With its Uber Lite app, the company features limited designs in order to make it run smoothly and speedily. The app helps the user by automatically identifying the location of the user, thereby eliminating the requirement of typing. In case the app faces any network or GPS glitches, it would provide the users with a list of famous pickup points to select from.

The Uber Lite app automatically stores the top pickup areas of a city while the user is offline. This implies that the user does not require internet connectivity for getting them up. The Lite app of Uber is developed such that it tends to record the places the users travel often to. This reduces the effort to type again and again during at the time of cab bookings.  The users would not be able to view the map as soon as they launch the app, however, there is an option for getting them.  If the users would choose not to view the map, a bar depicting the progress of their trip would be shown.

With this app, Uber is possibly trying hard to build a strong and unbreakable base in India. However, the country’s ridesharing service Ola already has got a “Lite” mobile app, which is only one MB. Moreover, the market share of Ola is around forty-five percent in comparison with the thirty-five percent share of Uber. Uber reportedly also faced some serious issue in India involving a sexual harassment, which led to the Uber app getting banned in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Putting aside the bad experiences that the company has had in the country, Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber said in a statement, “Our success in India is going to play a vital role in the growth of this company and how we do in terms of innovation and in terms of where we are within the global mobility ecosystem.”

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