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Uber has now introduced a panic button in the dial-a-car service app for its commuters to get help from any distress. The action came into daylight when the Uber was challenged by an Indian lady who was raped by one of the company’s driver in India.

Following a threat to ban, Uber has made this attempt of introducing a panic button in the app, which when pressed directs the line to the nearest police and law enforcement department in the respective area. Passengers can now feel safe if the ride goes off the road, says Uber.

Uber in a blog post said, “Our goal is to make Uber the safest place in the city. To do this, we will continue to leverage our technology and operational scale to deliver rides that bring unprecedented transparency and accountability to your transportation experience. However, we cannot do this alone. We appeal to city authorities to engage with innovative companies like Uber to implement new technologies that deliver highly effective solutions to very real issues of safety, congestion, and job creation.”

Uber service received a ban from most of the states in the country. Service in New Delhi and Maharashtra was brought to halt right away after the incident, and the company was brought in the court of law. Uber has also been accused of not verifying its drivers and recruiting them without proper papers. In some of the states, Uber was operating with drivers without licenses.

However, the ridesharing company has now registered all of its drivers with India’s transit and traffic police department. All of the drivers and vehicles are now expected to be with proper licensing and authorities.

Uber also mentioned that it has dedicated a 24/7 team available to respond and connect the passengers with the police department in case of distress. Uber is expected to track the passenger’s location at the time panic button was hit.

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