Uber gets back on New Delhi roads, ban lifted tecake

Uber Technologies Inc will start providing services in New Delhi since its ban has been removed. Officials put the service to halt when one of its drivers was accused to rape a woman.

There was fury among people when it was further revealed the rape suspect was out of the jail on bail for sexual assault, and the rage came to a boil after Uber admitted that it did not carry out background checks on drivers in India.

Uber’s apps started working again in New Delhi on Friday after Uber applied for a license for radio taxi operator and promised to hire only those drivers who have successfully passed police background scrutiny tests as recent as possible.

They also acclaimed that the company would perform background checks for all its drivers independently and will also scrutinize vehicle documentation to make sure the customer, as well as the driver, are safe when traveling.

Apart from that some additional safety features like an in-app emergency button and a dedicated incident-response team nationwide have been ensured for set up, so that the hirer feels more secure.
Furthering on the comment that why they didn’t already have a driving license, the company said that they didn’t apply for the license since a license for cabs was not required by a technology company that has the mere job of connecting passengers with drivers.

Howsoever, the company is still working out with Delhi’s jurisdiction to work for the upcoming Kolkata version where the order has been passed that Uber will be considered a technology company instead of a taxi service.

Looking at the scenario we should hope that the company does live up to its expectations for that will be a good thing for everyone.

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