Two strange artificial objects spotted on Mars hints toward alien life, Watch this NASA image

In another alien sighting, alien hunter Paranormal Crucible has spotted strange artificial objects on the Mars while scrolling an image captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover which is exploring life on the red planet in search of life. In the image, Paranormal Crucible has highlighted two objects that looks likes a smiling eel sitting nest to a small house.

These strange objects could be parts of spacecraft either man-made or alien-made and most probably they are leftovers of aliens that lived on Mars several years ago.

Youtube Paranormal Crucible states, “Interesting image from the Spirit rover archives, these two objects are clearly artificial, possible space junk or in my opinion intelligently designed, remnants from a past mars civilization. I have gently colorized and enhanced the images, but nothing has changed from the original data, apart from the color and lighting, all the clues are there in the raw image, and yes i did notice the masquerade mask next to the first artifact, just in case your wondering lol.”

Watch the video here:

Recently, an alien glove was found on the Mars suggesting presence of alien life. The image showed a hand, which might be a sculpted hand or an actual petrified hand that has an extended smaller finger on it. It could also be assumed that tit could be a hand glove or a beam weapon which we have earlier seen in movies that is used to kill a person, but what if the weapon was more sinister? A petrifying weapon for instance. (Read more)

Also, an ancient gold ring was found on the red planet. The ring looks similar to the coin which was earlier found on Mars in December 2014. The coin showed the face of two different species of aliens on it. It may be a coin, medallion or broach. The object does have a face on it, however it is not a single face…it’s a double face. (Read More)

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