Two dinosaurs skeletons are up for sale at 650,000£ and 500,000£ each

Two dinosaurs skeletons are up for sale at 650,000£ and 500,000£ each

If you are a collector or decorator with a great taste and if you are zealously rich, then this post will surely adore you. Two skeletons of an Allosaurus and a Diplodocus are up for an auction in Paris this week. The skeletons are being marketed as hip interior design objects which you can perfectly place in your ‘oversized’ living room assuming that you have one if you are a millionaire or billionaire. Iacopo Briano of Binoche et Giquello – auction house, state that fossil market is no longer confined to the scientists only. The auction house has declared auction of these two mesmerizing skeletons that will go under the hammer on Wednesday (April 11).

Briano further states how the fossils market and skeletons of dinosaurs have become a trendy object for decoration similar to how paintings such as the Mona Lisa and others have fared so far. He pointed out two of the most famous and popular Hollywood actors, Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio as the fans of these oversized ornaments that they can purchase as a decorative object.

Following the rare skull purchased by Nicolas Cage in 2007, the skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar which is a close cousin of tyrannosaurus rex (T. Rex), Cage hand it back to the auction house after he came to know that it was stolen from Mongolia and then, it was illegally transported out of the country for auction. Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and thus, it has to be an exotic decorative item which costs millions and billions in USD.

A huge skeleton of a theropod dinosaur which is expected to be rolled out for auction in June is estimated to fetch about $1.84 million USD or 1.5 million euros which is extremely high.

The frequency of Chinese buyers has increased over a matter of last 2 to 3 years. A vast population of China is bluntly rich and their interest in paleontology has made the auction houses and fossil markets rich with the sale of every dinosaur skeletons. Chinese buyers prefer purchasing fossils of dinosaurs found on their soil either for their personal collection or for museums. In fact, these Chinese buyers compete with multinational corporations head-on in the auction. Even ultra-rich Americans and Europeans who are the traditional buyers of such artifacts are not spared in this fierce auction.

The prices of these items can fetch millions. A well-preserved and most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex was that was sold in 1997 when Walt Disney and McDonald’s stumped their money as the donors fetched around $8.36 million.  The T.rex named Sue was then donated to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Eric Mickeler, a natural history expert at the Aguttes auction house says that these skeletons are one of the best publicity gimmicks for companies since millions of people come to see these structures.

Speaking about the upcoming auction on Wednesday (April 11), there are two skeletons of Allosaurus and Diplodocus and 87 other natural artifacts up for sale. The skeleton of Allosaurus measures at 3.8 meters in length and has been classified as small. However, it is expected to fetch up to 650,000 euros at the end of the auction. Similarly, another skeleton which is of a Diplodocus dinosaur is a 12 meters long dinosaur which will fetch around 450,000 to 500,000 euros since Carnivores are preferred more than herbivores.

People love teeth and also, remains that show signs of incurable illness, bruises and signs of fights, rare and verified bones, impressive and structurally sound skull usually fetch more at the auction than any other artifacts. According to a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum of Paris, Ronan Allain, the prices quoted by these auction houses are far more expensive and nonsensical which would means shelling out millions of dollars or euros to buy fossils of dinosaurs. But as said, this market isn’t for everybody.

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