Two brightest stars Venus and Jupiter come close to each other

Venus Jupiter Conjunction

A spectacular cosmic event will take place in the sky. On Monday dawn, Jupiter and Venus are going to be very close to one another, and the scientists say that they are going to shake hands with each other. In astronomical terms, this event is known as a conjunction that means Venus, the brightest planet of our solar system and Jupiter, the largest and second brightest in the sky, will pass each other at a very close proximity. This exceptional close and bright conjunction will take place within the constellation called Virgo.

Though 400 million miles apart, they will seem to be on a collision course, with Venus just 0.25 degrees to the left of Jupiter. This conjunction will remain intact on the mornings of November 12, 13 and 14 but the best view will be on November 13. The two planets will be just a fraction of a degree apart and can be seen through a telescope just one to two hours before sunrise. On November 13, you just need to move your telescope towards the east in the morning. You will see that Venus will appear the brightest and Jupiter being the largest in size, will be seen as a small dot. If you look on all the three mornings, you will be able to witness Jupiter move from a position below Venus to one above Venus. Surely, this will be a great experience for the sky viewers.

Although the two planets will appear to be very nearer to each other, in reality, Venus would be actually 153 million miles away, and Jupiter in the background would be 595 million away. If the weather remains clear and you are at a perfect location, then you can see the conjunction with naked eyes. Also, with the help of binoculars, you might be able to see four large Galilean Moons of Jupiter. The Jupiter Venus conjunction won’t be around for long as the two planets will start separating by the end of next week. Mars will also join them in the morning sky, but it will not be in the close proximity of Jupiter and Venus.

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