In a bid to mobilise the progression that the microblogging website, Twitter has seen over the years, the company has decided to delve into the option of offering paid services to its users that boast of a superior TweetDeck experience.

Ever since its coming into being, Twitter has almost succeeded in keeping all major and drastic changes to be done to the website at bay. But this decision to offer paid services to power users like individuals, public figures, organisations and companies, was based after a lot of study and surveys were conducted on users. The studies showed that a significant number of users looked forward to a more powerful TweetDeck and analytical tools on the dashboard to manage their accounts.

This paid service would specifically be targeted to those who use the platform for maximum reach out to various sections of users on the microblogging platform. This would include individuals, organisations, companies and other groups. This move comes at the time when Twitter is facing a lot of competition from competing platforms such as SocialFlow, which are well equipped and have a lot to offer regarding enhanced tools and capability to analyse the degree of reach-out and impact of their messages and posts.

The premium tools that are to be the part of the paid subscriptions would include tools that would enable the user to follow the various trends and activity analysis, composing, viewing and posting of the content. The dashboard would be easily customizable by the user to enhance usability.

The monthly subscriptions for these advanced services would cost about $4.99 a pop and would provide an ad-free experience to the subscribed users.

The decision seems to have been taken by the company keeping in view, the overall utility of the platform for the various sections of users and also as a channel to provide the company with an alternate channel for revenue generation since the advertising revenue doesn’t contribute to the total turnover as much as it does in case of social media platforms such as Facebook.


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