Twitter Down-The TeCake

Feeling down with customers complaining on global level? It is really hard to afford such a reputation loss. But, unfortunately, Twitter has suffered tremendous outrage throughout Europe and various other countries. The complaints pouring in from different sections of the world has worried the experts from Twitter, which enabled them to look out for ways of resolution to such a serious issue.

Asked to the associated from Twitter, the news came out that the web, as well as mobile services, has managed to suffer outrage for about an hour. And this was really troublesome for many.

Though, many people tweeted about slow operations after the outrage. It also affected their personal as well as professional tasks resulting in chaotic conditions. As per the statement of the company, certain users are experiencing difficulties in accessing their twitter accounts.

This was enough to prove the problem mentioned by customers from various parts of the world including Europe, Japan, Scandinavia and South Africa. In the high tension time slot, the sigh of relief came from Asian countries that their twitter accounts are operating normally and they have not faced any difficulty as that of outrage.

Within this troubling condition, a ray of hope was seen in Europe itself where a certain section of the people stated that they were not facing any such problem. Though, the services went out of connection for some time; but, there was never a complete blackout. This made Twitter experts to come out in press and promised to find a solution to the problem.

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