Twitter launches Dashboard app and #Stickers for photos

Twitter has launched #Sticker, a fun photo-editing tool that enables users to select from hundreds of emojis, accessories, and props and place them anywhere on photos as they want and upload to Twitter. Any public tweet consisting a sticker can be discovered and searched very easily, making a new visual spin on the hashtag and simply clicking on the sticker takes up a new timeline of tweets from people around the globe using that similar sticker. Similar to hashtags used on Twitter, #Stickers simplify users to explore a topic they are keenly interested in and stick himself on the public, global chat.

Leslie Berland, CMO at Twitter said that millions of tweets with photos are transferred every day on Twitter, clicking the moments that the world is speaking about. #Stickers provide people a fun path to integrate their own unique style and way to their photos and connect them with other users worldwide. Berland also added that by drawing stickers findable like hashtags, they are allowing the best of Twitter, creating it simple for people to make chats around experiences and events that are ongoing right now.

Twitter Stickers can use in four simple steps. Firstly, Tap on the sticker icon in the Twitter app and choose a category and a sticker. Then, the user allows resizing that sticker according to his choice by simply snapping on the sticker and simply, click a sticker on a photo and can see how the world is using that sticker. This feature has also introduced by Snapchat and now rolled out on micro-blogging App Twitter. The feature is not available to all accounts yet, but the user has a chance to use it on their official Twitter account. When editing a photo, a set of stickers will be available across many categories, including Animals, Food, Technology, Accessories and others. The featured category will mark Live Stickers attached to world events, holidays or other themes, letting it simple for people to join in on timely chats or conversations.

In addition to this, 10-year-old Twitter has also unveiled the “Twitter Dashboard” to help business owners connect with their consumers. Twitter Dashboard is an app to streamline engagement for business accounts and is available on web and iOS version. This support included features that have appeared in other Twitter products in the past. For both versions, Twitter guided the user through a fast process to make a custom “About You” feed designed to display tweets about their company or business.

Twitter Dashboard App

According to the report, this feed brings into account what type of business user are running, then joins mentions and keyword searches to get people speaking about their brand, even if they don’t tag their handle directly or not.

Twitter’s management has been performing everything to take the company back on its track. Currently, it joined 18-month-old London-based startup Magic Pony Technology to extend its abilities in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. The declaration came a week after Twitter made the investment of $70 million in the famous music streaming service SoundCloud to raise its stalled growth among rumours that tech giant Google might soon own the company.

The Twitter has been surviving stalled user growth and increasing competition for quite some time. A linear decline in its monthly active users (MAUs) base got a sharp fall in its shares as the firm told its fourth quarter results currently.

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