Twitter introduces ‘quote tweet’ for re-tweeting with comment on iOS and web

Twitter introduces 'quote tweet' for re-tweeting with comment tecake

Twitter Inc. has now revamped the quote tweet feature for the web and iOS application. The quote tweet features allow the users to comment about a retweet with a word limit of 116 characters. This feature will allow you to go bypass the 140 character RT limit and the pain of copy-pasting at the micro-blogging website.

The feature is currently available at the Twitter app for iOS and in the web version, however, it will soon roll out to the Android users in the near future.

Apparently, the feature was much in demand and Twitter developers did enough to release the feature not only to a limited set of users, but to every single tweet sender in the ecosystem. This feature will allow the ‘twitterers’ to re-tweet the tweet with some views or comments in the beginning, and like the always company has again restricted the word limit to 115 characters. It will allow the users to add additional 116 characters in the re-tweet.

In the web version, when the re-tweet button is pressed, users will be able to see ‘Add a comment’ section just above that tweet. Same goes for the Twitter app for iOS, which shows the user the same option to tweet and share.

Earlier users have to add the RT tag and copy-paste for re-tweeting with a comment, however, there was the 140 character limit, which was often filled by the tweet itself.

This feature can also help out those who want to send few of the re-tweets to the Facebook, earlier while using ‘Selective Tweets’, an app for sending particular tweets, user have copy-paste and tweet along with the FB hashtag, however, with this they can directly retweet without worrying about the copy and pasting.

Twitter is slowly bridging the gap between Facebook and its micro-blogging service. Earlier it introduced the cover image feature, and now the ‘Add your comment’. Both these have already existed at Facebook for years.

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