Twitter to exempt username and media attachments from its signature 140-character limit

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Twitter- the mainstream social networking site is reported to bring a major change to its features and functionalities. Earlier this year, Twitter confirmed that the company is planning to roll out few changes in its existing limit for 140-character for tweets and here is an official report came that affirmed that Twitter is equipping to execute this new element from nineteenth September.

Backed May this year, Twitter declared about changing the way it tallied the mark 140 characters for each tweet. However, it hasn’t publicized a particular date for presenting the new feature. But as per the new official report, Twitter will begin executing the new changes for 140-characters limit from September 19.

Twitter to exempt username and media attachments from its signature 140-Character limit

With the new changes, Twitter will no more count the tweets with the usernames toward the 140-character check. Aside from usernames, Tweeter also quit tallying media contents like pictures, gifs, recordings, reports, or even quotes tweets as characters inside your Tweet. It will be helpful for the users to post longer tweets irrespective of tallying their conversations with username and media attachments.

Aside from the above changes, Twitter will also empower the retweet button on user’s own tweet. This new feature will allow users to retweet or quoting tweets quickly. Now, it is not clear all modifications will be effect actually from 19th September, or Twitter will take more time to start the rollout process.

On May during the general announcement of these two changes, Twitter also mentioned that the official rollout of these features would take place from next month and ignored declaring any particular date.

Twitter yet hasn’t announced any official date for introducing these new modifications.

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