Truecaller launches Truedialer app for Windows Phone and Android users


Truecaller, an online phone directory app, today unveiled a new dialler that is capable of replacing your native mobile phone dialler. The app lets you swipe across different keyboards allowing you to write either a name or the number. As soon as first few letters or numbers are aligned perfectly, Truedialer will start showing you the possible matches with a photograph next to them. Coming exclusively for Windows Phone and Android, this new exciting app is available at the Google Play Store and at Windows Phone store.

“The integration of the Truecaller technology works in conjunction with Truedialer,” developers said.

Truedialer will aid users to find whom they are awaiting for and when they are to make a call. It also warns them if they are about to call a spam spreading number. Truecaller’s spam blocking service, which renders information on number of users who have described a particular set of digits as spam,  is in the app backend to protect its innocent users from replying to any cold call. Other features permit the capability to swipe across numeric and alphabetic keyboards, click on a contact to look at details or send out a text message. Truecaller, on the other hand, allow people to block the calls that are ‘pain-in-the-neck’ or which are unknown.

Truecaller co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Nami Zarringhalam said, “Until now, phone dial pads have not truly improved since the feature phone days. With the same infrastructure that powers Truecaller, our ambition with Truedialer is to replace the phone’s phonebook app.”

However, the company has no plans of integrating the apps to offer a unified experience. Currently, Truecaller has 85 million global users, and with about 200.000 new users joining daily the app has nearly 40 millions users from India.

“Since the first sighting of the Android smartphone back in 2008, many of the phone’s native apps have gone through improvements throughout the years; except the dial pad. It is ‘ordinary’ and has been in much need of a new look and way of searching for the people you want to contact. It is for this reason that we are introducing Truedialer,” read an official company blog post.

In addition to it, the company had received a funding of $60 million (about ₹368 crores) from the investors, including Atomico and Sequoia Capital.

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