Transsion Holdings launches its mobile accessories brand, Oraimo, in India

As per the latest reports, Chinese-based mobile phone manufacturing company Transsion Holdings has launched its new smart accessories brand Oriamo in India. Through Oraimo, the company wants its customers the get advanced ownership experience. Transsion Missions sells its products internationally and is considered as a major brand in African and South East Asian market. Guoli Liu, General Manager of Oraimo, Transsion Holdings said, “Oraimo products are already extremely popular in several international markets, thanks to their creative and trendy style, functionality, user-friendliness, and convenience. We are confident that Oraimo will delight our customers in India.”

Through Oraimo, the company aims to sell affordable accessories like headphones, speakers, chargers, cables, powerbanks and wearable smart devices. The company said that the launch of its accessories brand Oraimo will help its four mobile phone brands namely. TECNO, itel, Spice Devices and Infinix. “The growing mobile/smartphone adoption and digital penetration in India is led largely by younger consumers across multiple geographies. These consumers are always on the lookout for more evolved offerings which is why we have decided to further enhance their mobile phone ownership experience with Oraimo,” said Guoli Lio. Through this Liu indicated that Oraimo is manily targeted towards the younger generation, who are in search of affordable, feature-filled accessories for their mobile phones.

The company informed that its mobile accessories brand Oraimo specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling consumer electronics products. At present, Oraimo is available in more than 20 countries across Africa and Asia. The mobile phone making company Transsion Holdings was previously known as TECNO mobile. The company began its operations in July 2006 in Hong Kong, China an is currently a major electronics company in Africa and South East Asia. With the launch of Oraimo in India, the company aims to penetrate into the already crowded mobile phone accessories market, and at the same time, it wants to assist its four mobile phone making brands.

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